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The Thiel Fellowship’s way of networking

By agosto 2, 2012junio 29th, 2013Entrepreneurship

Everything in this world (family, love and relationships, friends, business, etc) even life itself is about giving value. After a lot of thought and some courses I took last month I came to this conclusion as an important part of my life’s philosophy.

The mindset I’ve found very valuable is the following: «Who can I meet in this room that I can help?»
This is taught to the Thiel Fellowship members by master networker Michael Ellsberg.

I’m pretty clear about the ways I can and can’t help. I don’t know anything about architecture for example so I’d be damaging people if I try to help them on this subject. But I know a lot about IT, digital marketing, business and punk rock music.

So a little formula to apply in everyday life with just about anyone is chit chat for a little while, get the rapport going and then find out what the other person is up to – what is important to them? And then direct the conversation in a way which you can add value maybe even offering your help.

A different approach which has proven me a lot of value lately  is the Tim Ferris networking formula.

So if anyone is up for coffee in Mérida or a Skype session I’m in to talk about anything.

Hans Nolte

Empresario, inversionista, coach y conferencista – Hans Nolte es socio fundador de Zebra Digital Marketing, creador de El arte de Facebook y Metas Poderosas.